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enail coils


    Vape DC Elev8R - E-Elev8R by Disorderly Conduction and 7th Floor

    I guess it's about time this baby gets its own thread. There are several versions of the Elev8R by 7th Floor. We will be discussing the coil driven (desktop) Elev8R in this tread. If you are looking for the torch driven (portable), that thread is here. So first things first. Vape Critic...
  2. Baron23

    Vape 710Coils Quartz Bangers and Coils

    I thought I would start a thread here for my friend, @710 coils (the artist formerly known as Mutten840 or just plain Shane) and his new business. His site is indeed 710coils.com Shane's goal was to have produced and sell top quality quartz bangers; equal in quality but for a fraction of what...

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