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fury 2

  1. Vitolo

    For Sale Fury 2

    This is a factory fresh Fury 2 in the box... unopened. I accept Paypal. I pay insurance and shipping Price $70 $60 NOTE- The purchase of this vaporizer, will help me provide consumable goods for local patients, as well as helping me get my car registered, and insured, so that I can get back...
  2. Cheesequake

    Vape Healthy Rips Fury 2

    Noticed there wasn't a Fury 2 thread on here so I guess I'll make one. Manufacturer website: https://www.healthyrips.com/ I got one of these yesterday and I absolutely love it. It's super tiny, feels very sturdy, heats up quickly, and produces extremely tasty/dense mostly convection vapor...

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