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  1. momofthegoons

    Tips Grinder Cleaning

    We talk a lot about how we clean our grinders by brushing them out each use and using ISO. I usually use the ISO and grinder in a baggie method. But there are a lot of goodies in what we are cleaning out of those grinders and it seems wasteful using the baggie method. I saw this article this...
  2. felvapes

    Accessories Old Mate Designs

    New SS grinder from an Ausland company Looks the goods Apparently about half the pre-order have already been snapped up on the 3 piece A large will happen too one day, he is fresh and starting out with what looks like a great design No metal on metal contact...
  3. Vitolo

    Large BCG Grinder w/Medium Plate- Brand New

    Brilliant Cut Grinder Large Medium Plate $85- I pay Shipping This cost is only for shipping within the USA. Shipping out of USA, I will have to charge shipping- to be determined. SOLD
  4. elykpeace

    Accessories Brilliant Cut Grinder

    a vape is only as good as its grind (imo) and ive used a santa cruz shredder for years but ladies and gents here it is the last grinder i will ever own. you get your pick of fine med or course grind. www.grindersforlife.com Brilliant cut ginder made by Grinders for life! grinding has...

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