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grow room

  1. PKcola


    One of ten relatively large colas after topping.
  2. Stretch


    At the end of the stretch.
  3. D

    Grow 1-person, 1-plant, 1-year

    Welcome to a thread for small grows! A single plant - grown in a small closet once per year - can yield several daily doses of concentrate all year long. Why a closet? Devised this basic set-up in the 1990s, when privacy was still a concern. Returning to growing a few years ago, it's still an...
  4. Seedling3


    Shelf with reservoir, aerator, ventilation above and lamp below.
  5. Seedling1


    Floor shot.
  6. Preview


  7. Shredder

    Grow How big should my grow room be?

    Well it depends. What is your goal? How much room do you have? How much are you willing to spend? If your growing for one household a grow tent in the basement would be a great way to go. You still need ventilation and odor control. And a space for supllies would be handy. My first indoor...

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