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  1. treesaver

    Grow Considering growing cannabis or hemp outside. Tips and where to get seeds

    Hello, I am thinking about growing weed outside. I live in the PNW, zone 8b I think. I didn't know it was possible out here or what the results would be, but a friend of mine is growing plants in his garden just fine. I know he can provide me with some tips, but I wanted to grab as much...
  2. nonamekevin

    Grow Growing Cannabis vs Brewing Beer

    Hey friends, For those of you that have experience growing cannabis and for those of you who have experience brewing beer. This question isn't about which one is better, but more of a comparison type of discussion. Ive got one outdoor grow under my belt, and have brewed zero beer. But brewing...
  3. Rootball


    Root in 5 gallon air-pot.
  4. Palebuds


    Pale, lower buds.
  5. Flush


    Beginning of final flush, shade leaves removed.
  6. PKcola2


    1 of 10 Peppermint Kush colas, late flower.
  7. arb

    Grow Arbulate

    Mom if it is ok for me to do I would like to start a thread of my current shenanigans. I abhor censorship so say what you want how you want please...........hurt my feelings if you can eh. :nut: So I reckon it all starts with a seed...................but it is better when it starts with a bunch...
  8. Sugarbud


    An especially sugary little bud.
  9. PKmature3


    Ripening stage.
  10. LEDburn


    Probably too close to LEDs.
  11. 6weeks


    Peppermint Kush at six and a half weeks.
  12. Flowersign


    One of the first flowers.
  13. Flowertime


    Canopy just after switch to 12/12.
  14. Mainstem


    Under the canopy.
  15. PKScroG


    Peppermint Kush beginning SCROG.
  16. Topped


    Peppermint Kush recovering from topping.
  17. Light burn?

    Light burn?

    Is this an early symptom of light burn?
  18. psychonaut

    Grow Curing

    Curing I believe is essential to a smooth flower. I like to sample 0.3gr bowls in my crafty from week 1. I notice around week 4 the harshness in the flower is starting to diminish but surely another month or two before these are ready. My understanding is the trichomes continue to mature...
  19. PK14


    Peppermint Kush at 14days.
  20. 3IN


    Peppermint Kush at 10 days.

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