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  1. Baron23

    Accessories Lucid Custom's VapCap Induction Heater

    Well, I got my Lucid Custom Mini VC IH on Monday...USPS screwed me out of 420 delivery!! haha https://lucidcustoms.com/collections/frontpage This is a pic of it: This one is smoke plexiglass and "maple" according to the manf, but if its Maple then its stained maple (and really the grain...
  2. Cannamelier

    Accessories Dynavap And Other Induction Heaters

    Whilst I have promised not to show anything of it's workings I am sure they won't mind me sharing pics of the unit in here, and I thought it would be a nice first real post for me. This is the same unit that @phattpiggie posted from Spannabis, I am testing it at home for a few days so I will...

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