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  1. jeffp

    Tips A very effective slow smell proof oil infusion experiment with limited low heat

    (pasted from what I just posted in FC) I'm very pleased with the results, it's a powerful, effective, slow 3 day process with no smell. Here's what I did: First, I set my convection oven to a little below 325F to warm for about a half hour (preparation time). Then...I mixed a half cup of ABV...
  2. Baron23

    Accessories Levo for Infusion

    Saw an article about this device...well, I will post the article below. Looks like a coffee maker. Anybody own and use this? Effective or? Compared to a Magic Butter Machine (or whatever its called)? https://levooil.com/ This oil infusion appliance is the KitchenAid of cannabis While...
  3. GreenHopper

    Accessories Customized stainless steel Multi-Functional Magical botanical extractor (NOT the MBM)

    This post is about a 'Customized stainless steel Multi-Functional Magical botanical extractor'. This device is similar to the 'Magical Butter Machine' but is produced in China and has a Decarboxylate feature. Here are a list of features from the Alibaba page: Multi-protection device...

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