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  1. BD9

    Vape High5 ENail Silver

    High5 E Nail Silver with Shatter Skin 20mm Coil $110.00 https://smokinjs.com/High5-D-Nail-Silver-with-Shatter-Skin-20mm-Coil-H5SS20/ "We've moved to the basic model without the USB charge port. So you can get the better model for less money. 1 year warranty from an American company! Quality...
  2. NizzyJones

    Grow LA Zkittles 2x2 135W LED Deep Water Culture

    Here we are, about seven weeks from seed. These are some L.A. Zkittles from Bred By 42 [L.A. Kush x Zkittles], they were started in solo cup hempy buckets then transferred to ~1 qt. hempy buckets, topped and LSTed, until mid week six when I transferred them to the DWC (largest plant (#1) has...
  3. psychonaut

    Grow LED lighting

    Anyone into LED lighting? I can't handle the excess heat from even 600w HID so going back to LED hoping 2x of these will do well in 4x4 tent. They boast 2g/watt. https://www.mars-hydro.com/led-grow-light/mars-sp-series-led-grow-light/buy-mars-sp-200-led-grow-lights-for-for-sale...

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