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  1. Yocan

    X Max Starry V3 vs G Pen Dash vs Yocan Vane! Which One Suits You the Most?

    *Source: thevape. guide We'd like to compare a couple of different dry herb vaporizers under 100 USD, which we always call' budget vape'. Pricewise, it could be more straightforward to tell which one suits you the most. As far as the specifications' concerned, it will be helpful to compare them...
  2. BD9

    Vape Starry By X Max

    First, check out Randy's shirt! It's fucking awesome he's rockin' Vapor Asylum T-Shirt. The Starry looks like an excellent portable option. I'm having a slight buyers remorse moment as I ordered the Healthy Rips Fury2 yesterday. Below are the video review and the link to the teardown. Our...

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