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  1. momofthegoons

    Tips Rehydrating Cannabis

    How to rehydrate dry cannabis: the good, the bad & the risky by Jessica Reilly Scientifically reviewed by Sheridan Doan Dry cannabis is a major bummer. Not only does it lose flavor due to terpenes evaporating, but it also creates a less enjoyable smoking experience. Dry weed can burn unevenly...
  2. momofthegoons

    Tips Cannabis Storage

    Everything You Need to Know About Storing Cannabis (Properly) Whether you grow your own cannabis or pay top-dollar for top-shelf bud, it’s probably a question you’ve asked more than once: How long will my cannabis stay good in storage? Truth is, it’s relatively uncommon for the average stoner...
  3. Madri-Gal

    Misc. Storage Solutions

    I'm curious about what inmates are using for storage for various vape accessories. I've collected quite a few adapters, wands, bowls (no longer use them, but they need to be stored, none the less), lighters, screens, jars, matts and other bits and bobs. I have some makeup train cases in...
  4. momofthegoons

    Tips How to Store Cannabis Infused Products

    How to Store Cannabis Infused Products Here’s a fun fact for you: a properly made, well stored cannabis tincture has a practically indefinite shelf life. If left undisturbed in an ideal environment, a tincture can last years with little to no degradation whatsoever. On the other hand, even the...

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