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storz and bickle

  1. felvapes

    Vape Crafty by Storz and Bickel

    Interesting........ and here's a tour
  2. Vitolo

    Vape The Plenty by Storz and Bickel

    Opposite of many units, you let this one heat up to temperature, and vape once the heater auto-clicks off. The heater has a unique way of retaining that heat, so you vape as the temperature slowly lessens, and click it on again when it starts to feel low. The unit can uses a small capsule to...
  3. Baron23

    Vape Volcano

    This is a reprint of my first attempt to review my first vaporizer (well, my first good vape, that is). Just reposting to provide a place for discussion of this great device which has withstood the test of time for the very good reasons that it was well designed and well built. My Volcano Blog...
  4. nenmayk

    Accessories viagra for the Mighty

    Hello all you sane people ! Grand Opening,a week only ! The Mighty "wee" stand 25 $ shipped in the usa cnc machined for a perfect fit out of uhmw plastic,with a beautiful weave design Also the "weeqan" stand ! 35 $ shipped with the added anodized aluminum swing-out wings for perfect...

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