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  1. sballo

    Grow clip fans for the grow tent

    I have two clip fans (with usb cable) in my grow tent which I think are quite ok but there is a problem, they automatically turn off -though they are constantly plugged in - after a while which means that I need to switch them manually back on.:disgust: Any idea why?
  2. psychonaut

    Grow Something completely different

    Time for a change. Who likes change? I like change. This grow round I am changing many things for the sake of simplicity, preventing lockouts, reducing mids and more uniform buds. Still using a 4x4' tent. I have a 5.5x5.5' that I'd rather use but I would need a 3rd light and frankly don't...
  3. psychonaut

    Grow Making do with what I have pt 1

    Thanks for the admin's making this sub forum. Not sure how good I'll be at updates, but figured I'd start a thread up. I'm a registered CO MMJ patient exercising my constitutional right to grow my own medicine. Because CO law prohibits growing outdoors (not that we have any respectable...

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