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  1. P

    Tips How can I convert vaping oils to Green dragon

    I'm new to the forum and have been converting herb to Green Dragon for several years - it's my favorite. I have several vaping pens and some vaping oil, and would like to know how to convert these concentrates to Green Dragon. Is there a recipe? Thanks
  2. 420edc

    Research Virtual Event: 3rd Annual Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event

    https://www.labroots.com/virtual-event/cannabis-sciences-2020# There is a ≈ 30 minute class with Jahan Marcu on vaping folks should check out. His webinar can be found in the On Demand Section.
  3. Jill NYC

    Misc. The Taboo of Vaping

    A few things I have been thinking about... I find it very hard to casually tell people I vape cannabis - most immediately think of Juul or other ecig. If I have time, I explain that I vape dry herbs - but those who only know it from their kids or media still think it is a huge danger (I.e...
  4. Vivant

    Vape Dabox

    Hey Everyone, We are excited to announce our new release here and discuss details with you all. The newest Vivant product is called the DaBOX. Please feel free to ask questions :) MOST POWERFUL PORTABLE VAPORIZER IN THE MARKET Having 40 watts instantaneous power at your finger tips, you...
  5. fluffhead

    Meds The Maillard Reaction and Vaping

    I read a while back that the reason that flower changes colour when vaped is the Maillard Reaction. First of all, I want to check if this is true (being that I read it on the internet) and there are some other questions I have about it. I am hoping someone smart like @herbivore21 will be able to...

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