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volcano vaporizer

  1. 3581663E-2C9A-4084-AF1E-48B24404E058.jpeg


    Magma Industries Obsidian
  2. Thedev

    Accessories Volcano Hybrid case

    Looking for the ultimate travel case for the Volcano Hybrid. It needs to be hardcore and a precise fit to the machine. I travel internationally and need to be able to ship or carry with me on the road. Think 20+ cities a year,I am currently looking at this one but unsure if it will fit...
  3. Baron23

    Vape Volcano

    This is a reprint of my first attempt to review my first vaporizer (well, my first good vape, that is). Just reposting to provide a place for discussion of this great device which has withstood the test of time for the very good reasons that it was well designed and well built. My Volcano Blog...

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