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yocan uni

  1. Yocan

    Screen & Buttons OR Dial Mechnism? Yocan Uni Pro OR Yocan Uni Twist?

    We've been working hard to perfect the Yocan Uni series. On the Yocan Uni Twist, we replaced the traditional combination of screen and buttons with a dial mechanism to simplify the operations. But it seems like not a better option for those Yocan Uni Pro users to switch to. As far as the...
  2. Yocan

    Vape Introducing the UNI Twist Universal Portable Mod from Yocan Tech

    Today we are going to introduce new vape mod from Yocan. The Yocan UNI Twist Universal Portable Mod is an easily considered the most useful mod. It takes all the best things about the UNI and enhances them. Yocan UNI Twist has a dial built into the bottom of the device, you can customize your...

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