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Community A Friend, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma & Rick Simpson Oil


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Greetings Vapor Asylum,

Decided to start a thread to record events on an attempt to help a friend, and in turn help others who may happen upon the thread in the future. A close family friend has been diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma. Unfortunately, the surgery failed to remove the cancer. To this end, I will step in and work with his doctors to see how we can help. I have to do this as this guy is me, but 20 years ago. Just starting family life, new job, 2 little girls (2 & 3 years old), beautiful wife, etc... I was there and made it to where I am now (daughter graduating high school, settled in, etc....) I wish for our friend to make it to where I am now (and far beyond).

This is a new diagnosis (3 days ago) and tomorrow's doctor visit should result in knowing the real severity of his condition. Since he's already had surgery that failed, not sure what to hope for except that maybe the cancer isn't spreading.

In attempt to help, I will make Rick Simpson Oil and be working with this friend on dosing and other treatments he's prescribed. I will circle back to this thread with any beneficial information discovered during the course of this treatment.

Running into a problem though.... California's new adult-use pot laws and taxes are making the going much more difficult for programs and growers to donate medical marijuana. So, those I've contacted thus far were unable or unwilling to help. My search continues.

Would appreciate any advice on this condition or situation! Battling cancer is a multifaceted fight, so any tidbits of info could help.

However, please be careful any help doesn't violate the rules of this forum. (ex. Things like suggesting growers or other sources).... If you have any concern that any advice you provide could be seen as a violation, please PM instead. We can discuss to ensure posting in this public thread won't be a violation and will help those with future need.


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