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Meds ABVibles with a long shelf life


Where am I?
Hello all,

So I am writing this post here to ask the chefs of the asylum a question. I'm going to be taking a vacation tomorrow for a week with the family and as such will not be able to vape in their vicinity for a week. I have a bunch of ABV saved up and was going to make some edibles to take with me for the week, but I am looking for some recommendations!

I'm looking to be able to make something that will last a week or more without having to be refrigerated(I don't want to risk my younger members of the family popping open the fridge and eating one accidentally!). If anyone can recommend me some recipes for something that would fit that criteria you would make me a happy man!
The only thing I can think of with abv is to make a tincture with it. You could reduce it down to FECO and use it to make candy if you didn't want just the tincture. Hard candy is real easy to make; even without a mold. Or you could add it to melting chocolate and dip dried fruit or nuts in it. Or make haystacks.....

But I think hard candy in a tin would be the easiest to hide and would last the longest without refrigeration. :twocents: I'd be happy to share the recipe if you are interested.
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This is the original recipe:

* 1 cup sugar
* 1 cup light corn syrup
* 1 cup tincture
* tsp extract of your choice (vanilla, mint, cinnamon, coconut, etc)
* Food coloring (optional)


1. Prepare your molds by spraying them with nonstick cooking spray If you don't have molds, spray some parchment or a cookie sheet with oil.
2. Combine the sugar, corn syrup, and tincture in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Insert the candy thermometer and stir until sugar dissolves.
3. Allow to boil, without stirring, until candy reaches 295 degrees (hard-crack stage).
4. Once the candy reaches 295, remove it from heat. Stir in the extract of your choice, and, if desired, food coloring.
5. Spoon the candy into the mold cavities.
6. Allow to cool completely and remove once hardened.

Now.... what I've done is used FECO instead of tincture and I added it at the very end so as not to ruin any actives left in it. But you have to move fast. It's already starting to set up.

Spread it onto the greased parchment or cookie sheet. Once it sets up, crack it into pieces (you might need a small hammer if you don't have a granite countertop) and toss with powdered sugar. Whether you use a mold or not, you need to dust the candies with powdered sugar once set or they will all stick together.

I have found cinnamon to be the best flavor for hiding the abv taste.

I'll look around for any other candy type recipes I can find.
This sounds wonderful mom! I'll have to go out and buy some ingredients but I think this will be my project for tomorrow morning. Just have two questions. I don't really know what a candy thermometer is, would just a regular meat thermometer work? Also for the tincture I figure this recipe would work using it in my magic butter machine, is this the type of tincture you're talking about?

would just a regular meat thermometer work?
No... you need an actual candy thermometer.

And it's a good thing to have in the house if you ever want to make any sort of candy in the future. They aren't expensive. :smile:

And that recipe will work just fine but I would add a bunch more abv than the amount of herb they are suggesting. Easily double, if not more, depending on if you just want relaxed or a tiny buzz... I've found that candy made with abv isn't overly strong buzz wise. But it helps tremendously with sleep.
Thanks for all the advice Mom! Yeah I plan on decarbing some fresh green to mix in with the ABV. I figure 2/3 ABV 1/3 fresh should be quite potent. Where would I go about buying a candy thermometer though? Are they usually sold in supermarkets? :idon'tknow:
Are they usually sold in supermarkets? :idon'tknow:
Yup. Or any Walmart, Target, cooking supply store, Amazon.....

They're easy to find. :smile: And you are very welcome. Good luck!

Edit to add: I want to show you my 'worst case scenario.' This is what I mean by it's setting up quickly.... I poured this into the molds and before I could spread it..... it had hardened. No worries. Just take a mallet to it and toss it in powdered sugar. The pieces will be irregular but who cares? :lol:

Well I'm off to the races. Figured I'll try it with just ABV(since you said it helps for sleep that's pretty much what I'll use it for anyway!). Put about 3/4 of a pound of ABV and 5 cups of everclear into the magic butter machine and set it to the 4 hour tincture mode. I would have set it to 8 hours but I'm kind of pressed on time, I knew I should have went out and bought that everclear last night. :doh:Hopefully it doesn't bite me in the ass. Going to go out to the store now and get the rest of the ingredients to make the candy and hopefully I'll have some nice hard candies in a few hours!
Peace all!

I've made not completely awful qwet shatter from abv, just double strain the mash. Nice in a lower temp pen since its already decarbed.

For medium term storage, I've qwet run plenty of abv into rso, cut 50/50 with coconut oil and put into caps.

For long term, simply turn it into cannahol, just like a green or gold dragon, then reduce the alcohol to whatever intake you'd like. The material is already decarbed so just remove some alcohol.

Of you don't like or can't have alcohol, you can store it this way, then boil off the alcohol to make a few months of something that DOESN'T store well long term, like rso caps, medibles, etc. on as as needed basis.

Okay my :twocents::twocents:.

Well I fucked it all up guys. Probably will need an induction heater or something because I just made a nice big ol' kitchen fire in my saucepan. Dumped out what was in there and figured I'll just take the rest of the tincture with me in a dropper and take a few drops under the tongue for the duration of the vacation(god its so gross)

Well anyways here was the results of the tincture


Hopefully it turns out to have better effects than the taste of it!
Omg.... everything's okay?

Yeah... you don't do the reduction on direct heat like that. Especially not near flame. :yikes:

Once you get where you are going you can add the tincture to a hot drink. Something with fat (like hot chocolate) would be best. That might help with the taste a bit.

Haha yeah everything's fine thanks for the concern Mom. I had a little itsy bitsy feeling that was going to happen so I was prepared to put it out the second the fire happened. Wasn't anywhere near as bad as the flammable oven mitt incident of '15. I think I'll take your advice on the hot chocolate, this tincture in and of itself is gag worthy!(hopefully it will have some nice effects though)
Wasn't anywhere near as bad as the flammable oven mitt incident of '15.
:lol: That made me laugh......

But in all seriousness, I'm glad nothing else caught on fire. Or exploded lol...

If you had more time you could just let it evaporate in a jar with cheesecloth over it. You could also leave the top off the dropper bottle for a bit. The alcohol evaporates pretty quickly.

Good luck! I hope it works out for you. And have a great time. :wave:

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