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DIY Accessory Caddie


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So my vape collection just keeps growing and keeping track of all the bits and pieces needed daily can be a messy task.
I made the following caddy fro a piece of 4x2 and 6x2 offcuts of timber screwed together with a heap of holes drilled in it and 4 baby castors under it to make it move;

and I stuck a window latch on it for a handle, all sorted.:thumbsup: for now :smilie-devil:
I love the little castors.
Yes, I am a bit of a hoarder, I removed them from something that broke down a while back and I thought to myself, 'These might come in handy one day'
I had a mate who is a carpenter make me a couple of nice desk caddys.

One in New Gunea rosewood with 6 x 14mm & 6 x 18mm holes for my UD


One of American white oak with 8 x 14mm & 4 x 18mm holes for the Air


I tend to use the oak one more these days since it has more 14mm sockets but they are big bastards & far from subtle :lol:. I really should do a bit of modifying over the holidays to update it.

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