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Vape Airis Quaser Quartz pen


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Hope there is not a thread on this already, I checked but my thoroughness is questionable at best
Just arrived in under three weeks from China
Given the circumstances that's pretty good

I'm going to find a pen cap to put over the mouthpiece and chamber to make it look more stealthy
Fingers crossed it vapes rosin well
So I tried two different rosins
A fresh press hash plant and fresh frozen blue nana
Both vaped nicely
As always different temp settings is nice for a pen vape

The fresh frozen was hard and crumbly so I just put chunks in there
The fresh press was different, I put it in the fridge for storage and this is the best way to load it
I played around and the rosin warmed up and stuck to the sides on reloads
So one big cold load up

Clean up with expired medical swabs and everclear was easy
I will run resin, diamonds, badder and shatter
Dispensary had a pre Christmas sale so I stocked up

At the very least I can use rosin so vape carts are history
If this is reliable then it does make carts obsolete
Vape the concentrate of your choice including your favorite flower if you can press

My experience is fresh press rosin travels best

My travel and vape ANYWHERE kit
These little carbon filters are great
Just have to be careful not to breathe in
A little cotton ball material in the front of the mouth piece gives some protection
I don't use my quasers anymore
But they were a great unit when I first got them and well affordable

I remember one reason I became a little turned off them was the plastic "glass" part
Never had one melt (except when I went to torch a stuck dog hair) but it did play on my mind enough I looked elsewhere in the end
Pity because I believe I would have kept using them otherwise as the function was quite satisfactory esp with the self loader for outings
I contacted them back then to suggest glass but they just said it was safe as is
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