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Meds Aminita muscaria

Basement Farmer

Well-Known Member
....anyone have experience?

Didn't do much for me (both foragrd and bought) ..mmmmmaaaybe slightly active dreams, but no discernible effect.

I guess the shamens would ingest and then later consume their own urine since it's concentrated by the renal system. Theory has it that they picked this knowledge up from observing reindeer.

....not drinking my own urine.
I thought she was OK,
yes, I have tripped on them about 120 times sofar...
they are good! just read up about he proper preparation, you don't wanna poison yourself....
the Trip is just like being pissed, but then 3 fold.....
Enjoy, and be careful.lasts about 5 hours, in my case.
Two more things I forgot to mention,:it will make you (during the trip/buzz)very, very thirsty, so make sure you have unlimited access to water, tea and or juice.
The other thing is: you can't trip on it daily, your tolerance builds up very very quick,once every 4 days max, imho.
You don't want to end up using massive amounts to get a trip, because it is a burden(like alcohol, and or Kava)on your liver.
I like them most dried, then sort of rehydrated, cutting like normal mushroom slices, and fry them for 20 seconds on high in butter. yummy,but a salty taste.
my portion was around 1,5 whole muscaria,dried and prepped like mentioned before with fresh beetroot and fried egg on toast. yummy:hungry:.
Start with half and see how you go and feel.
I don't use them nowadays anymore because I now have to use a medication witch is a burden on the liver itself, so I rather stay safe.and don't overwork the liver.

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