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Thought I'd better make a thread for times like this.....

First off, I apologize for any down time or trouble anyone might have had with the forum yesterday. No good deed goes unpunished lol.... we applied a software upgrade and all hell broke loose. We have a lot of custom templates that were made so that the forum has a sleeker look than the standard Xenforo package. What was unknown was what the upgrade would do to those templates.

As you all may have noticed, the reply boxes look a bit different. All the 'old' options are still there but look a bit different. Let me know if you have any troubles or spot anything that 'isn't right.'
We have an area of the forum that is not visible to general members... The Dump. It's where I move spammer's posts, etc., that are of no value to the forum so that I have a record of it happening.

Well... during Wednesday's software update, several threads got moved there. I am not sure how.... there is no record of it happening in the logs. I was looking for the 'Karen' thread this morning scratching my head.... and lo and behold there it was in the Dump along with several others from the Padded Cell and elsewhere on the forum. No rhyme or reason to any of it.

So... if you ever notice that one of your fave threads has gone missing... please let me know. Chances are it's mysteriously gone to the Dump. It's gone slumming is all I can figure out.... :thinker:
Just a note to let everyone know that we are having a Halloween giveaway...... come and get spooky and get a chance to win a Dynavap Orion, a 2020 'M' and some asylum swag. It's open to all members. :biggrin:

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I was alerted yesterday by @Vitolo that he was having issues logging on to the site. He was getting error messages that were preventing him from logging on; on some browsers. And finally managed to get on, but was still told that the site was 'not secure' and that his information could be stolen.

I haven't heard from anyone else on the site... so I'm hoping most are not affected by this. Let me, first, reassure everyone that the site is fully secure. The issue is something that happened on 9/30/21 that could affect older computers. Here is an article that explains:

As the article states, this can have an effect on any computer using older versions of browsers that don't support current certificate expectations.
It came to my attention that people have been able to hack into member accounts at FC and use the classified section to scam members. If any Asylum members are worried about their accounts being hacked, there is a simple way to prevent it. Enabling two-step verification will solve the issue. With two-step verification, when a user goes to log in they will receive an email with a code that they will have to enter to log in.

I can make it so that everyone needs to do this.... but feel some members might not be happy with it. So I am going to leave it up to the individual members to change their settings if they would like this added protection. If you would like to enable two-step verification on your account, go to your user account and click on the 'Password and security' link.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 7.00.33 AM.jpeg

Then enable the two-step verification option.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 6.33.11 AM.jpeg
Did you know that you can now download a Vapor Asylum app for your phone? :biggrin:

For example, with an iPhone.....

Simply open up the site in your browser and go to your download function.


It will give you the option to add the site to your home screen.


Click Add.....


And you should see a VA app added to your screen.....

I have no idea what the problem was... but the asylum was down for several hours today. Our server was also down and I'm not sure why. But fortunately, things seem to have been resolved. I'm sorry for any inconvenience...
No wonder cursing at my wifi did not help like it usually does!
I have noticed that more and more members are starting to post content (mostly memes) that are somewhat political. As a rule, I don't delete content here; but I will delete political content and had to do so with a couple of posts today. I want to remind everyone here of the following forum rule:

Discussion regarding cannabis legalization and law is allowed here. Otherwise we are an apolitical forum and general political content is not allowed. This includes discussion, images, memes, cartoons, and jokes. They tend to create disharmony. Leave your drama at the door.
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I apologize to anyone who tried to log in here after noon today. Our server went down. And there's nothing like talking to someone in India or wherever it was about fixing things......

However, I want to reassure you that nothing got hacked. Nothing got compromised. NO personal information was at risk. It was just a major pain in the fucking ass that pumped up my anxiety to the max. And resulted in the asylum being down for most of the day.

Back to our regularly scheduled programs.........
While we all try to keep this a harmonious board there are occasions where tempers flare and members break our rules. A few recent events have caused us to re-evaluate our warning system. While the basic warning tier remains the same we have added a few items that have the potential of getting a member permanently banned.

Please know that the last thing staff here wants is to do something as drastic as revoking a membership.

The warning system now reads as follows:

Warning System

Members that break the rules may be issued one or more warning points depending on the severity of the infraction, and/or have their posts edited or removed.

• 1st warning - warned
• 2nd warning - 3 day ban
• 3rd warning - 7 day ban
• 4th warning - 15 day ban
• 5th warning - permanent ban

Permanent bans will be issued for the following:

• Evading a ban by registering a new account will result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts.
• Posting of personal information without permission will also result in a permanent ban.
If a member shows that they cannot, or have indicated they have no intentions to, abide by forum rules and is disruptive the warning system will be waived, their membership will be revoked resulting in a permanent ban.
• Threats or abusive language towards the moderators in the public forum posts or through private messages may also be grounds for a permanent ban.

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