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Vape Aovape Buzzle and eDex


Aovape's new Buzzle and eDex

Most manufacturers in the Wax/Dab Pen Industry stay the same, and just keep selling the same designs.
Aovape continually shows real growth and development.
With each new release, Aovape introduces new innovations in Wax and Dab pens.
Ease of access to the atomizer/coil has been improved each time. The Newest additions to the Aovape family are no exception.
It was exciting to use the Buzzle and the eDex for the first time. I think you’ll understand why.
These Vaporizers have no threads to screw and unscrew!

The Buzzle’s mouthpiece is a solid thick glass bubbler. This bubbler/mouthpiece can be used with or without water.
Using new types of silicone o-rings, and design innovation has produced a truly easy loading experience.
The “coil” is a nice sized ceramic cup. Flat on the bottom, and well fitted to the cylinder that creates the wall.
There is also a dry herb coil that has very nice room, when attached, the Buzzle Battery auto-detects the cartridges change.
Two things here are amazing for me
This is the best herb coil I have ever tried!
This is not only the best bubbler I have tried, but it is the first I have enjoyed!
I love this thing.
Load herb into the coil, cover it… slip the bubbler/mouthpiece on… choose heat setting, and enjoy the ride. It’s automatic!
The wax coil/cup is simple to prepare.
Drop, drip, or place the concentrate easily in the wide deep chamber.
Buzzle’s glass top goes on effortlessly. No separate coil cover, and no mess.
Buzzle has three heat levels.
There are 2 modes… regular mode and pre-heat mode.
The pre-heat mode uses user control or automatic.
Either way, the Buzzle is a gentle ride! It’s heat is gradual, and the mouthpiece collects the vapor for an experience that is not in any way harsh. This helps the user really enjoy the flavors of their waxes and dabs.

No fooling around here.
The eDex is a heavy hitter in a small package!
eDex also has a removable wax container, improved by addition of a lip besides the strong magnet, that does not allow slipping.
Again… Aovape leaves out the threaded components and brings us an easy load and easy clean Dab tool.
The crystal clear mouthpiece comes off without a fuss.
The coil within has a coil cover, thinner than previous covers and there is no need to screw or unscrew anything. This coil cover has very fine orifices on the top, eliminating large side vented holes that clog.
The coil cover is more easily cleaned, using a simple wipe with an alcohol pad.
The amazing part was that I could remove the coil cover with one hand, and use the same one hand to install the mouthpiece.
eDex has 3 heat levels.
It also employs the new pre-heat technology.
You can use the pre-heat which will allow you to take a timed hit without using the button, or you can hit until you touch the button to stop.
Or you can use it the standard way, pushing the button for a direct hit.
But watch out…
The eDex uses triple coil technology that delivers a real punch!
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