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Lunacy Are We Talking To The Future?


I guess I just wasn't made for these times.
So there is this guy I know whom I make fun of a lot. Yet there is something about him that brings me pause.

He kinda looks like me. And dresses like me. And has opinions like me. And he looks at me with a sort of father's eyes and then seems disappointed when I say something against his opinion.

I refer to him as "Headwound Harry," but the more I talk to him, the more it .... creeps me the fuck out.

He talks to me like he knows everything about me. He uses terms that suggest what happens between me and Audrey, and what happens when I ran away to the West Coast, and whan happens between me and my ex-wife, and what happens between me and Nicki, and suggests what happens between me and my fiance. It's creepy and weird and gross and I don't know what to think of it.

Plus he looks like me.

Do time travellers exist?
I jus dont thing we can ever send matter through time.. i think we are constrained by our form.. physics just wont allow it.. and for good reason.. going back in time brings about so many paradox's....
But that being said.. i think it may be possible to send a particle with no mass, like a photon.. so if we could decode our dna and send it back in light form, it might work..

If it is possible at all, i think you can only go backwards...

Next time i do dmt i shall ask the entities what they think....
Ever hear of the 'Philadelphia Experiments'? Navy essentially upended fundamental Physics, in 1943!
Imagine what they are doing now?
crazy story if you really dig into it. :whoa:
I will look into this...
See whats possible or not might be completely thrown out the window if this is indeed just a simulation... which is what dmt teaches me everytime...

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