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Lunacy Are you not entertained?


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Show off the wheres and hows of how you go about entertaining your nearest and dearest.

Here I will go first.

I have always wanted a bitching outdoor entertaining area. I love to cook outside, and I love things a little different from the status quo.

I mean any fuckwit can just shell out the big bucks for a fancy set up right?

Well I have been busy as fuck for months working on this. I have no discernable skills & am struggling a little with a yet to be properly diagnosed degenerative muscle disease.

So some days would only be one or two bits of timber screwed in, some days no work at all, other than a butt load of staring at it trying to work out what to do next without totally fucking it up.

But as you can see, it totally came up Millhouse!
I am super proud of myself, we have had a party recently and it went off like a frog in a sock.
Everything worked perfectly, I cooked up a storm for about 18 peeps & I successfully made my fellow man green with envy.

Now its yr turn...........

I give you my outdoor kitchen completed stage 2
(stage 3 is some benches, sink/taps & a big screen tv etc)






For your viewing pleasure.....
An old 70's indoor copper fireplace. redesigned, repurposed using the venturii principle. It works like a big exhaust fan.
All thought of, built and done by me.
I give you the Venturiian!


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I remember when this was just an idea. In fact... I'll go a bit further and say before the idea developed and you were just building the outside bathroom for a 'guest.' What you've accomplished is quite the feat.

I want to reiterate.... dorkus had no help with this. He totally engineered the exhaust for the fireplace/grill. And considering dorkus is one of my adopted goons, I'm proud as a mother hen. You did good son! :biggrin:

I wanna come for dinner. :razz2:

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