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Lunacy At What Point Are You Insane?


I guess I just wasn't made for these times.
Is it when you only leave the house in a cap and sunglasses and mask and make it look like you're hiding from cameras?

Is it when you realize your entire outfit is grey?

Is it when you think that cute girl at the gas station actually likes you?

Is it when you know you were locked up for a week against your will because perfect strangers were "worried" about you?

Is it when you're checking the Post Office daily to see if your Kurt Vonnegut pins have arrived yet?

Is it when you use your barbed wire bat to smash the brains out of the tree that fell on your car and feel good about it afterward?

Is it when you leave garbage out in your front yard and don't really think about it?

Is it when you feel anger the moment you wake up? In your bones?

Is it when you say to yourself, "No girl is going to be here anytime soon anyway. Why should I clean up this shithole?"

Is it when you blast Italian music while driving through an empty university campus?

Is it when you only want to play original NES video games?

Is it when that girl you met at the mental hospital who is crazy as shit keeps calling you? And you answer because she's crazy hot?

Is it when you've watched almost all 18 episodes of the return of Twin Peaks?

Is it when you still think you might do something important one day?

Is it when you just want to watch the world burn?

Is it when you're asking yourself?

I don't even fucking know anymore.

It's when you collect enough black cats to cover both your Halloween and Xmas decorating needs.

It's just confusing in these crazy times. Espesicially when the girls are so cute. But so fucking psychotic.

Can't I just meet a NORMAL crazy girl? Why do I attract all the crazies?

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