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Lunacy Auto Correct and it's twisted sense of humor


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I'm sure most of you have had the annoying experience of auto correct changing what you're typing in on your phone or computer... But sometimes it can be funny. Post up your funny auto corrects....

Mine would be one time when I was telling some guys I was really high. I typed vaked... the sentence ended up:

I am really naked right now!!!!!

I was trying to explain to my brother that I wanted a tent with a vestibule to store my backpack in.

The text's came out like this:

A- "Bro I'm after a tent with a vegetable"

B- "Bro, if you are buying it then technically it will already have a vegetable in it"

A- "HaHa... you were quick on that one, so what I was trying to say was I want a tent with a vagina"

A- "Ahhhhhh fucking AC"

B- "You want a tent with Air Conditioning? Also do tents come with vaginas"

A- "I give up! I'll call you later"
We are taking are of my brother's dog while he's on vacation visiting family. I text him and told him we will make sure Blondie dies on the road. I had said we will make sure Blondie doesn't get on the road. I text him back right away and had to correct myself. I want to blame auto correct,
I just made a fake book cover for my own amusement. Then I found this thread. :biggrin:
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