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Batteries Batteries and Box Mods


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I've moved these posts (or portions of posts) here to start conversation about which batteries and box mods everyone recommends..... :smile:

I already own a Mighty, Volcano, and two little box mods I use for dispensary cartridges. Gotta find one with lower wattage though... the harsh hits are pretty rough, almost got sick to my stomach a few times.

What box mod do you have? My state just went med legal and I'm able to get some nice (but way too expensive) carts. I have a variable wattage Eleaf box mod and I can lower the wattage as much as I want. I'm not a mod expert but Eleaf or Joytech seem to be the Ford and Chevy of variable wattage mods (works well and not too expensive). I have this one which is a bit of overkill.....but it works wonderfully, IMO.


I’m nearby - cartridges here are expensive as well.

I have an Eleaf I Stick Mini - it’s 10w with variable voltage. Even at the lowest voltage setting (3.3 or 3.6, I think) it’s a little harsh. Maybe it’s just me though. I’ll take a look at a chart and see though.
Okay then... one more to add to the mix. :biggrin:

Wow, right now I'm running my Eleaf TC 100W with a cart at 5.2 watts which shows as something around 2.78 volts given the current resistance of the coil.

I started out running 6 watts or so with voltage at about what you are looking (mid-3's) and yes, it choked me out.

I could probably still productively lower the wattage more.....but its a pretty good compromise between vapor density and harshness.

Of course, carts come in a wide variety in terms of specific design and hence optimum wattage to run them at.

I haven't run through all of Eleaf's models and their specs, but here is the TC 40W and its adjustable from one watt up to 40. Just pick how cool you want your vapor.


Or look at this little sucker with removable batteries and 1 - 100W adjustment.


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