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Lunacy Beers, Ales and Lagers

Which do you buy craft or commerical?

  • Independent craft beer always

    Votes: 10 52.6%
  • Common big name commerical

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • Both depending on the day

    Votes: 8 42.1%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
I have a passion for craft beer and love to share photos and talk beer! I work in the industry and plan to keep learning more about this nectar of the gods!!

This is what I cracked open tonight


This is an imperial stout from Stillwater Artisanal called On Fleek! This bad boy comes in at 13% and the name says it all!!
Here are my favorite beers of the past couple of years. Not real adventuresome but a hell of an arsenal.

Perpetual IPA - IPA (Troegs) (Currently on duty)
Hop Hog- IPA (Lancaster)
Susquenhanna IPA - IPA (Susquehanna)
Susquehanna IPA X 2 - Double IPA (Susquehanna)
Flower Power - IPA (Ithica)
Dobule D - Double IPA (Otto's)
Berwick IPA - IPA (Berwick)
Overbite IPA - IPA (Old Forge)
Headwaters Pale Ale - Pale Ale (Victory)
Sunshine Pils - Pilsner (Victory)
Scofflaw Sucker Punch......Mmmmmm

I've got a bit of a problem!
Forgot to post this last night.

Solid IPA. A bit overpriced at my local shop, but worth a few extra bucks, I suppose. I try to buy local beer since there are so fucking many good local brews being canned and bottled around me, but.... sometimes I like something from a bit farther away, you know?


Pours like a champ!
Thursday night so keepin' in light with some 6.4% Southern Barrel Damn Yankee for this Damn Yankee!

Vapman Station warming up for the rotation! One with herb, one with trates!
Nu skool from southern tier for a lunch beer!


Now I'm sipping on a bells hopslam!!



Hey, @Philreal187. Thanks for starting this thread. I was thinking it needed to be done.

Don't let that Hopslam get too old. In January, I opened a 2016 Hopslam at my desk. The geyser was unstoppable and made a big stinky mess. After cleaning it up, I noticed the can said to drink it right away. Wouldn't have expected that, given the grain bill and hopping involved. Must be that pesky honey.

Had me one of them fancy beers last night from my (very) local brewery.

Basically a "session porter." 5.5 %. Typical bittersweet chocolate and coffee and vanilla hints. Poured plenty dark. Body was a little thin for my taste in dark beers. Smell was lovely. So nothing to go ape about, but just an all around "nice" porter.

I tend to prefer Imperial Porters & Stouts, but it was a nice change of pace to have something more casual. And a fair price!


Spring house brewing in PA coffee stout 7% abv Really solid brew!


This was a preview release of a new brew from draai laag called atomic pomme which is a 9% green apple sour! This is by far my favorite Pittsburgh brewery and they have been releasing a new bottle almost twice a month lately, my wallet has been hurting but they taste soo good!

@Mr Mellish good to see you here! No worries about old ipas in my fridge haha. I'm sure your right it was probably the sugars from the honey that gave you issues. I got a 12pk of hopslam after having it on draft a few times this year and really enjoyed it! I think there is two left and that wont last much longer..

Another brew from one of my very local breweries. Spaceman Pale Ale. Mostly Galaxy hops.

The pale ale is my favorite overall style of beer, and I like them in pretty much any style.

This one is tangy and malty - East Coast style, baby! Near IPA level of aroma and flavor, but not quite. Somewhat fruity. Definitely not a "classic" style of pale ale, but still had the classic crisp clean finish.

Very popular beer around here. Goes well with just about any meal I eat regularly.

5 bucks for a big bottle? You bet!

Made a short trip to Vermont and had to bring something back for myself!


This was for my friends at work!


Favorite brew on the trip was from Foam Brewers called "The Fruit That Ate Itself"


We made it to made it to 4 new breweries in two days, not too shabby!!

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery


Prohibition Pig Brewery


8 hour shift at a laundromat followed by 5 more hours in a busy as dirty fuck snobby hipster from-scratch kitchen?

Well, this stupid ass sumbitch sure deserves a Lucky Bastard, I tell you what !!! :nod:


Orpheus Transmigration of Souls. And my Stein is empty. It's time for a refill!

Pimpin' the neighborhood brewery again. :buzz:

I really like this one. Brewed in collobaration with the neighborhood tea house, so it's an IPA made with pineapple papaya green tea, plus hops that are on the fruity side. Very well done. Enough fruity tea flavor to get what you were promised without being overwhelming. Spot on.

Perfect for late afternoon warm weather drinkin' ! :headbang:

I love being able to drink beer within a week of it being bottled. :thumbsup:

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