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Tips Bottle tech tips


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A friend bought a locally made 12 ton press. He does not have a pre press mold. I told him about bottle tech, but I have never actually done it because I have a pre press mold.

He doesn't have internet access. But I did watch a couple u tube videos on it.
So I have a basic understanding.

He has 3x5 plates. How big of bag should he use? How tall should the collum be?

Any other tips are welcome and I'll pass them along. Thanks!
Maybe I should tag @psychonaut ? Where are you bud? Us old farts need to be edumancated.

There's a few different ways to do it. I will take a 2" wide filter for 3.5-7g, or a 2.5" wide filter for 7-12g, poke the bottom corners in, then stuff the filter like a bag so it's cylinder shape. Cut off the excess from the top leaving enough to make your folds on top. The puck should be anywhere from 1-2/1" tall, material depending. You can also use a filter sleeve with both open ends, you will just need to make your folds on the top and bottom of the puck, some people have trouble keeping everything together loading into the plates so this method is not as popular. There is a third method that people are using, you have a filter with 2 open ends, stuff the puck into the sleeve keeping both ends open so really the only portion of the puck being filtered is the sides. The top and bottom keep their shape amazingly while the nylon on the sides of the cylinder puck keep it from expanding.

I've made a few videos showing hand stuffing bottle tech filters with 3.5g, to using a cylinder pre-press mold to stuff filters. A cylinder mold can be home made to work with the 2" or 2.5" filters. 30mm diameter fits 2" wide, 40mm diameter fits 2.5" wide. Some simple PVC pipe and a wooden dowel can substitute for a cheap pre-press mold.

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Same, I sometimes cant fit 7g inbetween the plates with a 2" wide filter/30mm pre-press, depends on the material. Some people are reporting higher yields using bottle tech method.

So today my friend and I had a pressing session. He has a locally made 12 ton press, with a duel controller and 3x5 al plates.

First we tried bottle tech with 2.5x3.5 bags filled with 7 gr. and pressed at 200F. He didn't calculate the return while I was there, but it looked good.

Then we filled a 4.5x2.5 bag and pressed at 200F and barely got anything. Then at 245F and got a little, then at 270F and that's what the press seller recommended. The return was better but it did not look great.

So I'm glad I was able to explain bottle tech to him. And i have one question, on a 12 ton press are large bags just not efficient? I suspect not, because of the larger footprint and reduced pounds per square inch over a smaller bottle tech.
I think on a 12 ton press you should be able to press out 2x bottle tech pucks using a 40mm pre-press with 2.5" wide filters side by side, 10g in each puck will press out nicely. For that you should be able to do 3 tons per puck (2.5" diameter = 5 sq/in 1200 PSI *5=6000lb force)

Here is 2x 10g pucks with 40mm mold on 3x5" plates with 10-ton hydraulics

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