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Lunacy Brides of Neptune


I just wanted to be loved by you.
So ....

I heard this story that the oceans are haunted by ghost horses.

I read an article telling me that the Spanish flotillas would throw their horses and livestock overboard if they thought they were in danger of sinking. And consequently Spanish sailors believed the oceans to be haunted by ... well ... ghost horses.

It's probably a silly superstition.

Nevertheless, the ocean is a dark and scary place. Sharks and jellyfish and Krakens. I wouldn't fuck with it. I'll stand on the sand but that's about it.

Any sailors here who can put me at ease?

I mean, fucking ghost horses? This isn't Lord of the Godamn Rings. What's next? British hornets? Oh yeah. We already have those.


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When I was a child, my mom and I took a ship across the Atlantic from New York City to Copenhagen several times. I saw some incredible things on those trips... whales that are extinct now.... the biggest waves I've ever seen.... dolphins following in the wake... BUT...

I've always had a deep respect for the ocean... scares the hell out of me. Way too much stuff living in it. Way too powerful. And controlled by the moon ffs.


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Maybe the ocean isn't all bad. :hmm:

I wish we had turles here in Western Rural North Caroina. But we do have brown recluse spiders. And foxes. And flying squirrels!

Come for the spiders. Stay for the squirrels.

Sadly, what they don't show you is everything under the sun on dry land eating the hell out of the baby sea turtle buffet.

Then, the ones that do make it to the ocean are the appetizer de jour of carnivorous sea life.

That's why they lay eggs in one spot and have huge hatches at the exact same time...with the goal that some (not even most...just some...about 1 in 1,000) will live to maturity.

Ok, you probably knew that....I'll go to my room now! haha

We have flying squirrels in Maryland also...here's one now! haha



I just wanted to be loved by you.
We do! why, just outside my house are there squirrel and crows and foxes and feral felines and owls and songbirds and rabbits and raccoons and foxes and turkeys and bears.

The fox only shows up at sunrise. He is quite shy but I leave treats for him so he hangs around.

I live with two cats and a raccoon. He's a bit of a handful.

Cyclists. Bleh. Find a better place to bloody cycle!


I just wanted to be loved by you.
A friend of mine and I had a debate back in the day of what was the saddest animal on Earth.

I said bison. You ever seen a happy buffalo? Fuck no.

But she said whales. Because of the singing, I guess.

After watching some additional sea creature videos ... I'm starting to wonder.

Other than dolphins, is any creature in the sea happy?



I just wanted to be loved by you.
You can hear David's and Mark's Camper Van / Cracker / Sparklehorse fingerprints all over this track.

If you don't know, then you don't know.


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