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Vape Canna Blast


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Anyone still using one of these bad boys? https://www.ejuicedb.com/products/mig-vapor-ccell-canna-blast-vape-pen-kit
I just found my new tank I bought years ago buried away. I have plenty of mods, but lost the adapter for this damn thing and looks like no one sells them, have to buy the entire kit from VaporFi. I hate VaporFi so much I'd rather figure a way to make my own 808-510 adapter. I don't actually need it since I tend to stick to flower, but man I have good memories of this thing paired with properly made thick concentrate.

EDIT: Ooh, will this work I wonder? http://vapemate.com/808-to-510-Adapter_p_579.html
EDIT2: Fuck, I lost the tank again! lol Guess I need the kit. This version looks different than the one I had, though. At least the package/display is different.

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