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Meds Cannabis and Bells Palsey


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I have been researching this particular illness. I woke up with facial paralysis. My mom and brother both had Bells Palsey so I thought what I had might be that. I read it can run in families. I went into the doctor and yes that’s what it is. Thank goodness not a stroke. This at least will go away. In rare cases it doesn’t. I had a flu shot last week, I hope that’s not what triggered it. Looks like cannabis can’t hurt in fact it may help.bonghit

Often a person suffers from a cold just before the symptoms of Bell’s palsy begin. Symptoms could start suddenly, but it could also take 2 to 3 days before it shows up. There is a sudden weakness or paralysis on one side of the face that causes it to droop. It is almost always just on one side of the face and could be mild to severe. The face feels stiff and is pulled to one side. Other symptoms include:
Difficulty eating – food falls out on one side of the face

Loss of sense of taste
A sound that is louder in one ear
Twitching in face

How Cannabis Can Help
Medical cannabis can help to treat the symptoms of Bell’s palsy in many ways. Some of the most likely ways to treat the symptoms include:
Neuroprotective antioxidant – Cannabis has neuroprotective antioxidant properties to reduce free radical damage like stress, pollution, and other toxins impacting nerve cell damage.
Anti-inflammatory - When the facial nerve is compressed and swollen, symptoms of Bell’s palsy might develop. Medical cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties. It furthermore also helps to treat degenerative conditions.
Headaches – people suffering from Bell’s palsy often also suffer from headaches. Medical marijuana for Bell´s treatment has positive results for different types of headaches. It might not eliminate headaches completely, but there is a certain reduction in the severity of the headache.
Pain relief – People suffering from Bell’s palsy also complain about facial and jaw pain related to the disease. THC in low doses is a potent analgesic.
Because there are inflammation and edema of the affected facial nerve at the level of the geniculate ganglion, cannabis is highly effective. The interaction with then phytocannabinoids on the endocannabinoid system is effective in reducing inflammation. Both THC and CBD are effective in reducing inflammation.
In many cases, Bell´s palsy does not need treatment as the symptoms clear up right away. But in a study done on 83 adults, 23 different medications were used to treat the symptoms. Medical marijuana was included in the study. Five percent of people never used marijuana before. Out of all the medications, marijuana showed the most promise and brought the most relief.
As with many cases, cannabis for medicinal purpose is proven to be very effective to treat the symptoms of Bell’s palsy. Apart from pain related to the disease, it is also effective in releasing stress that could very well trigger Bell´s palsy.

marijuana strains for bell's palsy

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I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this @CarolKing .... Thank you for sharing the article and vids with us. I hope you aren't suffering too much discomfort and that cannabis gives you some relief. And hopefully this will be a very short lived experience for you.
I was thinking about going to acupuncture. The person that I went to in the past doesn’t start up again until October because of Covid - bummer. I don’t want to try anybody else. I went to someone new before knee surgery, I didn’t like them. It actually hurt in places during the procedure. Kinda weird guy as well.

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