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Recipe Cannabis Bubble Gum


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Thats an awful lot of sugar. Here's an alternate recipe using beeswax...

Impervious to just about everything save extreme heat, beeswax chewing gum keeps indefinitely without preservatives. Regular gum bases have more elasticity than beeswax, but it doesn't limit its ability to deliver flavor; you can incorporate hundreds of non-traditional flavorings you won't find in traditional gum. Fresh herbs aromatize beeswax gum and release their oils and react with your saliva as you chew, so flavors literally form in your mouth. You can also use traditional water- or oil-based flavorings based on the standard 10-part bubblegum-flavoring formula. Use raw settled beeswax for chewing gum.


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Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC Dispensr Futo