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Topical Cannabis Rose Lotion


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Sounds lovely... but only a gram of herb?
Cannabis Rose Butter – Simple and Luscious


If you’ve read my first book you’ll remember some of the recipes based on this variety of rose, the Apothecary Rose. This is an ancient heirloom variety of rose that has a powerful fragrance and outstanding medicinal properties that are beneficial for all skin types.

Cannabis and rose together make an intoxicating scent. And I’m not referring to the commercial versions of “Cannabis Rose” which smell nothing like rose or cannabis, but rather something else altogether. My Cannabis Rose Butter combines these two fragrances in a whole plant formulation that reveals the scents of both in a way that is both herbal and floral at the same time. This recipe uses mango seed butter to bind these herbs together and is high in oleic acids for deep penetration into the skin.

Why mango seed butter?

Mango seed butter, unlike coconut oil, is high in oleic acids. It is also a wonderful alternative to shea butter which is commonly noted as an allergen in people who are sensitive to latex and also tree nuts. I use mango seed butter in many of my recipes because of its hypoallergenic profile and ability to absorb into the skin. It is incredibly nutritious and softening for the skin as well.

This recipe only has 3 ingredients – and that makes it super easy to make!

Cannabis Rose Butter
You will need:

1 cup of mango seed butter

1 cup of dried and very fragrant Apothecary Rose or any other dried rose buds and flowers that have retained their fragrance.

1 gram of dried cannabis flowers, ground

3 cups of water

Optional: 1 or 2 drops of rose essential oil if the dried roses you are using have lost their fragrance.


In a pan on the stove add everything except for the essential oil. Simmer for 2 hours, strain, and then allow the butter and water to separate. Refrigerate until the butter becomes solid then peel off of the top. Re-melt this cannabis rose butter, add the essential oil if desired and then pour into a sterile container. This butter is fairly shelf stable, so it does not need refrigeration like a lotion does, but be sure to use it within 60-90 days.

The leftovers…

After straining the butter from the plant material, you can still use the plant material to make a skin softening scrub that is perfect to use before a shower or bath. Simply mix a tablespoon or more of coarse natural sugar in with the oily leftover rose and cannabis and use this to scrub your skin.

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