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Recipe Cannabis 'Twix'

So my dear son, @Madri-Guy, baked the "Twix". We didn't go green, as I thought it would go as @felvapes suggested. That is, eat cookie, get munchies, eat more cookies...
These are easy to make (I didn't hear Madri-Guy complain too much) and delicious. An upgrade from those you get from the supermarket. If they freeze ok, I would consider making the cannabis version, but there is no other way I could get through 24, except, you know, eat, get munchies, eat...
Thanks @momofthegoons, for the recipe.
@Madri-Gal, @Madri-Guy I have to say these look delicious. What did you think? Worth the time? Worth the valuable green? Thanks
@Madri-Guy made these without herb...

Imo, these would not be very strong if made according to the recipe (with only the cannabutter in the cookie portion). I think for these to be serious edibles you might want to use a little cannaflour... and maybe add infused coconut oil to the chocolate.

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