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Lunacy Care To Explain Your Avatar?


I guess I just wasn't made for these times.

I chose this image because I feel as though my whole life is people watching me take a dump. While I've imprisoned myself.

Notice the brown stain sinking from the flush handle. :shakehead:
My avatar is chicken of the woods...
Its a brightly coloured yellow/orange edible fungi... that looks like chicken once it dries...
Jus looks cool, had it for so long.. think i even lost the original image...
Mine was made with some help from @Vitolo

the fight scene in this movie is prbly one of my favorite's in modern film. so long and drawn out

The best fight scene of the 80's for sure. Absolute classic & Roddy Piper is actually a decent actor.

My avatar is pretty simple. I like dragons & I like vaping. A good combo.
My avatar is a picture of my Bengal cat, Caleb, as a kitten curled up on a meditation cushion.

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Ahaha i never looked closely and always assumed it was a turtle... i only use my phone so tiny avatars...

Waiting to see what @ataxian 's avatar is....
I am a singer sometimes a musician but not famous. The real Carole King is older than I am and she writes songs. I don’t write songs but i sing and play some instruments, piano, clarinet and sax. I would sing in bands as a hobby and to earn extra money when I was a young woman.

I would play my records over and over again in my bedroom when I was a teenager. I would write down the words to songs. I played the Tapestry album over and over again until I had to buy another album. A group of friends eventually started a band. I and a group of teenagers entertained at private parties. I was in a few different bands. Locally we were very successful.

Eventually we all went our separate ways. Some continued to play in bands even until now. I do get together with some folks and play music and I love to sing. I don’t perform and officially play in a band today. I do sing at weddings, retirement parties and just recently funerals but not often.

Well I felt like Carole King was my inspiration to sing. That’s why I chose her as my avatar. I love James Taylor as well but I didn’t want a guy as an avatar. Missed the Trubador Concert some years back with James Taylor and Carole King. I was really bummed about that.
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Ahaha i never looked closely and always assumed it was a turtle... i only use my phone so tiny avatars...

Waiting to see what @ataxian 's avatar is....

I too assumed it was a turtle for the longest time.

Caleb looks like a total ladies man.
Boston Legal
Great show to get baked while watching
Its a Denny Crane bobble head that says "Denny Crane" when you push a button
Basically describes Massholes, loud with a gun in one hand and a scotch in the other
Its a miracle anybody GOT shot up here
My avatar is an old graphic from a medical dispensary in southern Oregon that was closed by authorities a long time ago . . .

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