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Meds CBD Strains


Leaf Dawg
I medicate for health issues. They're evenly split between physical and mental health issues.
So, I try to get the best medicinal strains I can find. By best I mean strains with the most medicinal compounds such as CBD, CBC, CBN, THCV.
I have only had Durban Poison and Critical Mass CBD. I really like Durban Poison but it's hard to find was pretty expensive at $20.00 a gram. I was able to medicate but still function and that's important to me.
I've been trying to find Harlequin and Dance World.

What are your favorite CBD/Medicinal strains?
I've got a few CBD only strains on hand in addition to maybe 3-4 thc/CBD strains with CBD ranging from 7- 16+. CBD Blue Shark is a favorite.

I mix the CBD only strains with other strains that have little to no CBD.

I'm going to try taking a THC based tincture or edible and then vaping one of my CBD only strains throughout.
I have Harlequin right now. I was gifted some Charlotte's Web a while back which tested to 18% CBD and less than 2% THC. I feel the Harlequin is about the same. Been experimenting with nano particle, water soluble, CBD drops and pure CBD isolate in MCT oil vaped in a pen. The Nano drops really increase bio-availability as the CBD molecule is too big to enter a cell directly and making it water soluble means you can mix it in drinks and it absorbs better. I love these strains as they reduce stress and anxiety while promoting sleep and melting pain away.
Right now, I have some CBD Shark CO2 oil. CBD 38%, THC 42%. Has anyone had a strain like this before. It's almost an even mix of both CBD and THC. It's my first time trying it, literally. I literally just took 2 hits, and am waiting to see what the effects are.
I really would love to actually try some for my conditions, but until my state has actual mmj, not just a rubber stamp, or I move.... I'm out of luck
I seem to have the same luck. Been CBD flower for over a year to keep my vapes happy. No illicit cousins unfortunately.

Hawaiian Haze and Kush #1 from my hemp flower source. Had a Lemon Haze from a local CBD store. Some names for flower resemble their THC cousin. Others seem to have their own naming conventions.

This thread is all about CBD strains. So I started a thread about big wide world of CBD products out there. Since there are literally hundreds of sellers and vendors. I felt the need.
CBD Flowers, concentrates and other products in the marketplace.
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