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Meds CBD Vape Oil?


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So I'm starting this thread in hopes that some other people on this website have some personal experience with this and might be able to better inform me on it. Since I am not eligible to get medical marijuana for my back pain in my state I have been recommended that I try something called CBD oil. Supposedly it's one of the main ingredients in Marijuana but it has had all the chemicals that get you "high" removed and it just provides the pain relief that pot tends to usually provide. The big plus of this is that it is legal in all 50 US states so it is very easy to purchase online.

I just purchased a 15ml tincture of CBD vapor oil to put in one of my nic tanks (the exact tincture I purchased was this: https://www.purecbdvapors.com/shop/vapors/medusa-cbd-75mg/ ). I am hopeful that this will be something that will be able to provide me pain relief and be something that also allows me to maintain focus while on the job. It's also a plus that since this can be used on a nic tank I'll be able to vape it out in the open while at work. Has anybody else tried these types of tinctures? If you have I would greatly appreciate the sharing of your experience regarding it.
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I haven't tried this yet. I will be having some time off from work soon. This is high CBD RSO - aka Rick Simpson Oil. This has quite a bit of THC as well. I live in WA state and am a medical patient.

This you don't vaporize. This I will eat with some peanut butter. Just a tiny size about the 1/2 of a grain of rice to start.

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