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Classified Rules

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The Classified forum is for our members to sell, look for, trade or give away vaporizer related items. Members must have at least 90 days membership and 30 posts to be eligible to participate. This is the only section of the forum where sales or trades may be mentioned. In addition, this is not an area for retail sales. Forum rules will be in effect here and members can be given warning points and/or banned from the Classifieds section for not complying with them. Ads will be allowed to stay open for 90 days before being removed. Questions and discussion with the seller is allowed. Feedback is encouraged and should be posted in the feedback thread when the transaction is completed. If you have any questions regarding your ad, or are unsure if your item qualifies for this section, please contact a staff member prior to posting.


In addition to the General forum rules you must also adhere to the following classified rules:

  • You must state whether the item is for sale, trade, or free. You can also place an ad for a wanted item.
  • List any shipping restrictions.
  • Items are not to be sold above retail price.
  • There must be a picture of all items included in the sale along with a piece of paper with your user name on it in the picture.
  • The condition of the item(s) must be included in the ad description.
  • If the item is still in it's original packaging, you must include a copy of the receipt with your personal information/data hidden.
  • You may not redirect members to an off site ad (i.e. eBay).
  • When your transaction is complete you should post that your item is sold/received and report the ad so that moderators can move it to the closed ad section. DO NOT DELETE YOUR AD CONTENT.
  • Seller may not bump their ad thread unless there is new information to add.

It is recommended that you follow this protocol when selling or buying from members on the site:

  • Using Paypal as a means of payment is your safest option Do not send the money as a gift as you will have no recourse should there be a problem with the seller. Cashiers checks or money orders will also give you a record of your transaction should a problem arise.
  • Confirm the name, address, phone number and any other contact information prior to completeing the sale.
  • Item(s) should be thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment.
  • Check the feedback thread prior to committing to the sale to see a buyer/seller history.
  • When describing the items in Paypal do not use terms like vaporizer or anything cannabis related in your description.
Not open for further replies.

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