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Accessories Clips & Attachments


Here are the three different types of clips that I use for all my 14mm GonG (Glass on Glass) attachments that need to be held securely:


From left:

14#,Steel Wire Clip,Keck Clamp For 14/23 or 14/20 Glass Ground Joint,3PCS/Lot

Deschem 10PCS 14/23,14/20 Metal Clip,Keck Clamp,for 14# Glass Ground Joint

and the plastic ones were given to me from Ddave with the "Water Wands"

The first ones I just got (hence the thread). I like them a lot and they are by far the strongest and most durable/reliable... just a little tricky getting them on until you figure out the correct way, like most things... and boy they are TIGHT! if you like to freely swing and move your stuff around at will, though still attached, might be a little annoying for you.

Second ones are actually pretty slick and less obtrusive than the other two, but the joint(s) have to be kinda standard, if not, bending them to get them right can be done but it's a bit of a chore. Some kind of knurling on the bottom of the banger just above the GonG helps this clip quite a bit.

Third, the most common... either they fit or they don't and they can't really be altered much unless you whittle away with a razor etc. (melting doesn't work well, trust me)

whatchu got/use/prefer...?
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Sick clips are good but expensive at $5.00 A piece........yes it says clips but you get one.
Those are super nice, yes, and first on my list, but I couldn't find any cheaper than that with a like 15-20% off discount at best during the holidays... I agree, $$$$... $51.50 + shipping for 10 is insane, imo...! wtf..!?
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At first glance, I thought it was a picture of your prince Albert collection...thank goodness for plastic keck clips to enlighten me!

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