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Tips Concentrating ABV pill


New Member
Hi guys, I've recently started saving my ABV and extracting the left over cannabinoids into coconut oil for caps. However I've found them not to be very potent and I need a lot to get the desired effect.
I'm thinking on my next run of making some more but this time, once I've strained the oil through the cheesecloth, adding more AVB to the oil and starting the process again to increase the potency of the oil? I'm wondering how many times this could be done to increase the potency of the oil.
I wonder if it wouldn't be more effective to use a high proof liquor to extract (rather than coconut oil) so that the end product could be reduced. Reducing the liquid would make the extraction stronger.

If you want to continue with coconut oil... I would imagine you could continue the process with new abv a few times before it became saturated completely.... but I'm not sure. The other thing you could try is to not strain out the abv and add it to the capsules as well.
Thanks for the response. I'm using coconut oil because it is solid at room temperature so is suitable for caps. I've contemplated using alcohol before but didn't bother.

Yes that's what I'm thinking. I vape a ton, so always have loads of AVB. In theory I can keep adding fresh AVB over and over to get some really potent stuff.
I've infused coconut oil with repeated batches of ABV through a Mota pot. It's a manual espresso maker. I'm sure any process would work but for this process, I place a couple tablespoons of coconut oil in the bottom of the reservoir and add water up to the full line. Fill the coffee basket with ABV. Cook over heat until the oil/water mixture is forced through the ABV. Repeat with fresh ABV. Then chill the liquid. The coconut oil will form a solid disk on top of the water. Discard the water and you have your infused coconut oil.

I don't know to what extent the coconut oil will absorb what is left in the ABV but I've tried three batches with good success.
Can you do it in an Instant Pot? I've got an extra 6 qt one. :chill:
I don't see why not.... I know that there are people making regular cannabutter in them. I don't own an Instapot myself... isn't the cook time shortened in them? That would be the only thing I would wonder about; if the abv (or cannabis) gets 'processed' long enough. You might have to do a process similar to what @Squiby does in her Mota pot and run it twice.

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