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Lunacy Cover The Beats


20 going on 60
This thread is for you to post your cover versions of tunes you like, or cover versions you like of tunes you don't like.


Tune/Video Title

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Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Holly Henry Cover)

It's surprising how much talent is actually out there!


Leaf Dawg
Joe Bonamassa, Dusty Hill, Derek Trucks and Billy Gibbons - Going Down

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Dazed and Confused
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes​

Shinedown - Simple Man​

Disturbed - Sound of Silence​


I've given all I can. It's not enough.
Freight Train - Peter Tevis & Ennio Morricone - Originally performed by Elizabeth Cotten

A man with a singular voice and famous for Spaghetti Westerns covering a song by a woman with an even more singular voice famous for playing a guitar made for a right handed person upside-down because she was left handed.

A song that sounds very silly at first, but after a few more listens, well.... you know.


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