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DIY Debowler


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I have seen a few vape reviewers using plastic debowlers in their video`s and thought they looked like a good idea.
I went to buy one but being in Australia the cheapest postage was US25 for a US$15 dollar item!
I decided I would make my own by using a metal lolly tin(any suitable jar and lid will do), a wooden golf Tee and a screw, oh also a pencil sharpener so you don`t get paint in your vapes bowl.
Just put a hole in your lid and screw the tee into the underside of the lid and you are set.
Redneck Debowler.jpg

No worries about shaving plastic like on your store bought job.
Easy to keep sharp and replace when needed and when finished with I just pop the whole lid back on the tin, ABV stored!
Good idea Les! Love homemade stuff. I have several wooden dowels I use mostly for screen removal and screen placement in dynavap tips. And in one I drilled a tiny hole and inserted a piece of stainless steel wire to make a pick of sorts. A nail might work as well. A very handy tool.

Another thing that makes @LesPlenty 's version better.... my authentic plastic debowler pick melted a bit the first time I used it with my SSV wand. With Les' version, it's made out of wood so it will tolerate the heat better. :thumbsup:

Did you lose the ssv marble hat pin? Another handy little item.
I find a S&B brush just perfect for installing screens in my Vapcaps and Ed's TNT dowel for removing them.:thumbsup:
So I kept on knocking my debowler lid over and decided to make a new one. I had an old plastic ashtray (old bad habits) that was cleaned and aired out for quite a while now so no bad smell.
Same wooden golf tee with a small screw attached from the other side and pencil sharpener but more stoner fumbling hands proof;

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