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Accessories Disappointing Accessories

Terp pearls are okay... but imo seem to need replacement often. I haven't been able to really clean them up so that they spin like they did when new. And if they are dirty they just don't do the job well. But I like that they 'spread out' the rosin when it's melting.

I think my one of my least favorite accessories would be the og dosing caps for the Fury2. While the little mesh baskets kept the screen clean longer, they just seemed to restrict the draw a lot.

I've also gotten some pretty wonky glass pieces off DHGate.

But the all time winner? the Decarb box by Magical Butter.

The premise is that it will decrease the smell of the herb in your house while 'preventing loss of valuable plant compounds' and temperature control. Sigh... the house still smells... you cannot fit two ounces in it as advertised... and tin foil and an oven thermometer are a hell of a lot cheaper than this. Two thumbs down.
I find a slow draw on a dab until vapor drops then up the draw speed to spin the pearls to get vapor happening again, this stops any splashing and seems to vape better for me. Cleaning is easy in the SiC Halo...let them cook to 900f with the dish and the ash just blows off or I UC clean them after a cook to really get them like new.
My least favourite accessory would be the Mighty WPA...the hard plastic and glass unit that feels like it is trying to break the Mighty every time I did use it(I was still wary of it after modding), was good for j hooks though.
I haven't really been too disappointed with anything I've purchased yet. I try to research before I buy and it's easy to get tons of good advice from all you VA folks.
But in the spirit of the thread, the first Rattle Can I got was pretty disappointing. Lots of back and forth with dhgate (plus a helpful word or two from my VA forum friends) and it got corrected.
I also bought some Claisen adapters very early on but never use them. Does that count?

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