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Lunacy Do you 'roll' your socks or fold them?

Basement Farmer

Well-Known Member
...by rolling I mean together.

It always seemed like a waste of motion and cause of premature elastic dysfunction....to me anyway.

I don't mind rolling them up individually if traveling or having a wall locker inspection. Usually it's folding, if adequately motivated. But now that I'm single it's just in-the-door randomly these days.

This was a major issue for my ex-wife. Probably has something to do with me being single.

Where do people here stand on this important matter?
When I first went out on my own as a young adult, I wanted to carve out my own household habits and came upon the ball rolling technique for keeping socks together and used that method for awhile. It never lasted. I'm just not that focused on socks. I just fold the cuffs together now. Over the years I have discovered that if I fold the dirty socks together when I toss them into the laundry, then separate them when they go into the washer, I no longer lose socks.
So it's the washing machine that steals the socks....???? :watchout:

I have to admit to letting them float around willy nilly in the washer. And dryer. And then I create premature elastic dysfunction by rolling them.....

I feel like I need a time out or something....
Im a roller. I dry my socks by the wood stove so they don’t get mysteriously lost in the dryer! Then I roll each pair. I loved the theory about coming back as a Tupperware lid. I can identify with that! All those lids you’re afraid to throw out.

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