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Meds Does gold burn?


New Member
I wanted to directly observe whether pure or nearly pure delta 9 thc burns or not. It had been suggested to me that it simply boils into a vapor and was entrained in the smoke when lighting up with a Bic lighter. I had seen combustion of course with terpene heavy extract. Terpenes are known to be highly flamable as far as I understand, and I knew that combustion was taking place with a hydrocarbon owing to the soot produced during tests. THC is not a hydrocarbon and frankly I assumed it was not flamable on its own. Then I ran into a Pubchem reference on the substance and under "flamability" it was listed as "probably". It seems the manufacturers of Dronabil (tradename in Pubchem used for delta 9 thc) didn't want to burn their shit up testing! The complete answer from this experiment seems to be, yes".

I am absolutely positive that vaporization does indeed occur when lighting up, however, I am now equally certain that delta 9 thc also combusts when a Bic lighter is held to it and when there is enough oxygen otherwise (like on a stainless steel catalyst). I of course base this on observed data in the video. I did vape some of the extract prior to the experiment. This is an extremely potent sample of delta 9 thc.

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