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Lunacy Dorkus goes overseas....................


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Ladies, prepare to foam down yr runways.

Direct from the bottom of the cupboard, out from hiding behind the sex toys
Look who's coming out to play!


Mr and Mrs Dorkus are taking a holiday...................

Just as soon as I pick up a bucket of lube.
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Omg.... you've gotten the onesie out of retirement? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy......:aaaaa: Lmao, some people pack sunscreen and their favorite t-shirt for a vacation. Not Mr. Molorkus. He hits the seas with his bling and his fro.

Sigh... I wonder if we'll see the 'other onesie' as well?

Does Mrs Molorkus run her fingers through that thatch of manly chest pubes? That would suck if she has tacky lube hand.

I have been thinking about a proper holiday as I certainly need one. My last one was a insane 10 day benzo bender so I don't actually remember a great deal of it although the photos makd it look like I had a good time. I also ended up with a large tattoo that I must have decided was a good idea. I like the tattoo but I had other plans for that space when Dr Diazepam overruled.

Where are you headed @dorkus_molorkus?
Wow, Im back bitches!

Where are you headed @dorkus_molorkus?

Lolz- twas a 4 night cruise Brisvegas to Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. But its overseas for me.

OMG, we had a total fucking blast. It was awesome. The staff were amazing, and def were the highlight of the trip.
Nothing was too much trouble, in fact the staff were constantly offering to go above and beyond without being asked.
It makes a massive change from what passes as service in my country. It was like being in a different country.
We didnt have much in the way of expectations, and not everything was perfect but cruising is as cheap as chips and wifey and I didnt want for a thing.





Good ole deck 7 or dick seven if yr a kiwi. Its the smoking dick, and we spent many hours on dick 7.
Just sitting by ourselves laughing, drinking, smoking & huffing paint.

Sigh... I wonder if we'll see the 'other onesie' as well?

Unfortunately, due to some communication error the ' Onsie' & the main fro didnt make it.


I did have my back up stunt double fro and of course, the ' other ' onsie.
(ima OG nutscaper from way back.)

Im having some trouble uploading some pics.
I will come back in a bit and edit this post and add some more.
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You know.... it's one of those things where you don't want to look, but you just can't look away. You want to... but you just can't.
Well at least the tablet covers up more than the OG onesie did. :dog:

So glad you had a good time dorkus. :biggrin: Looks like a lovely trip and you had good provisions. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics. And let's face it folks... no one can take a vacation like Mr. Molorkus. He does it with pizazz...

Nice one @dorkus_molorkus. For a second I was worried you were a bloody Queenslander but saw you are across the ditch so sweet as bro. All fancy with your concentrates, roaming the buffets in your jandals aimlessly grazing like the stoned fucker you are. Having your bell end peeking out from the tablet adds a touch of class to the photo (Mom knows what is once seen cannot be unseen :naughty2:).

I paid for a nice 18 day cruise around the Solomon Islands, Vanauatu & New Caledonia but I walked out on my missus before we could go. She took her friend & sent me photos with plenty of fuck you's as a way of thanking me for paying for everything.
Some artistic expression......

me giving directions to the entertainment area

airlie beach Qld in the whitsundays


the obligatory, pls dont come here and die, but if do you its your own fault cause we put up a sign.
theses little bastards allegedly hurt like hell, then you die.

chillaxing catching a show.
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Oh my.... I've got to say that giddyup you're wearing... the all black number? Look at you getting your Tom Jones on! Betcha the cougars down in the lounge were digging it when you teased them with your boa and your white hot moves. :vapeanddrink:

I've seen them. I know you could pull it off. :dog:

And damn.. is there anywhere you can go in that area where there isn't some type of creature that will fuck you up? I just read the effects of those stings... dreadful anxiety?
the obligatory, pls dont come here and die, but if do you its your own fault cause we put up a sign.
theses little bastards allegedly hurt like hell, then you die.

You have inspired me to look at cruises mate as I need a good holiday & most things are taken care of cost wise especially if you don't drink. Yeah the wildlife can be deadly as fuck over here. Box jellyfish are something to be scared of as you can't see the fuckers & if you get got game over is a very real possibility.
I swear it was the shit dude.

We paid $650 ea for 4 nights and we now know we got hosed somewhat. But ffs it was a bargain regardless.

For our next one, the name of the game is to be on the ship for $100-$130 per head per night.
(which was all meals at 2 places, one a la carte (which was pretty damn good) and something akin to a food court in the other. Which has its place in the world, but didnt take too long to get a bit over it.
there were other venues that you could pay extra to dine at. we didnt this trip, but they did look quite good value considering you were paying extra.

We are pretty big drinkers & holidays will see us putting in overtime.

Ima beer guy and wifey is a wine ho.

To give you an idea, it was $7 for pure blondes (my local dive wants $7.30) & it was $40 for a nice bottle of red that we were fond of. ($20 at dans)
We had the odd margarita, jack and coke, and johnnie black. however it was very few TBH.

But I was drunk offa my ass for 4 days and we didnt spend $100 per head per day.
Try to do that out in oz?

It was amazing, cool as fuck, I loved it. I saw peeps being as rude as fuck to the staff and it was so not necessary. The staff were better than anything we get here unless you pay 5 star. However cruising is so cheap that many people who may or may not be welfare recipients are travelling with you.

Even so you can have what ever sort of cruise you wish for.
We found many places where we could just have a great spot to drink and have a great time by ourselves. I couldnt believe the ship was full cause there were many premium spaces to have all to yourself.

I saw many, many young peeps looking very worse for wear after an evening on the party decks.
and I saw plenty of old people having a nice quiet time, and lots of families with kids.

Fuck that, we didnt talk to any of those fucks and we had a blast.

cant wait to do it again.
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Sounds like a winning combo alright. I might test the waters with a short one solo. Even as a relative non derinker these days $7 for a Blonde is bloody good value if a shithouse beer & it is almost never necessary to be rude to staff. It is often detrimental as the staff will say "look at that rude something" whereas if you are pleasant about any issues it is often remembered as well. The drunk bogan Aussie/Kiwi on holiday is a true embarrassment.

Made me think of when I was in a long distance relationship & flying to Melbourne every fortnight (she was doing vice versa). I had had an absolute prick of a Friday & all I could think about was how I was going to fuck my frustrations away all weekend after a short flight. Got to the airport & the checking system was down plus my flight was cancelled with absolute chaos at 5.00pm Friday.

There was a Islamic dressed woman & kid in front of me & she started getting a bit wild & extremely rude to the poor desk attendant as she was on the same cancelled flight. After 10 minutes or so she went away absolutely steaming & I was next up. I was nice, I was polite & when she asked how I was I replied "clearly doing better than you but I am hoping to get to Melbourne tonight". Boom, I was upgraded to business class & was on the next flight that meant the sexy time was only 30 minutes behind schedule :smug:.
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You know..... I was looking around and found a new outfit for your next cruise. It would look smashing for that last night party they give down in the lounge....


I know you could pull it off dorkus...

Of course if would also be smashing if you ever come over to visit me and we go down to 8 Mile.....

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