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Vape E-Nano XL


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figure the 'XL' has its own thread,
here it is in action at Champs

pic Courtesy of @Hugh Jundys
I am glad to see that Epic includes a rheostat with some heft to it.....the OG rheostat was far too light and the weight of the cord would pull it off of the table constantly.

Then Epic finally came out with a new rheostat with a wood base and its very nice and a much needed upgrade. Took a long time...they may well have had a large stock of the old ones to sell....maybe?

Epic wrote me and said that they would give me one of the new rheostats if I never posted this pic again...LOL This is the OG rheostat with cable management weight rubber banded to keep the whole thing together and keep the easily moved dial from...well, moving. haha


Looking at the XL, it does seem that the rheostat weight lesson has stuck and they are offering a very nice control from jump street.
Larger bowl size will appeal to some for who the Enano was...dunno, too tame?


Still love my Enano. It can be a sipper for watching a game on TV on a weekend to a heavy hitter crushing .08 in a draw and a clean up. I particularly love it in the winter when holding the warm unit in my hand feels so good...and I don't even have arthritis particularly.
I do like the new thermostat and cord. My two OG enanos work so well I don’t know if I need another. I have the Woodscents.as well and I don’t need a larger bowl. I’m more of a sipper and I take my time.

i say good for Epicvape for coming out with a new log vape - Enano x-large. It’s always a great thing to have more to choose from. Putting out a new product keeps everyone interested! :cheers:
Anyone know if the new rheostat and/or power cord can be retrofit to older Enano?
Hi Freddy - this is the one they gave me and that I run on my OG Enano and will work "This cord is only usable with the E-Nano version that features the removable cord"

It works great.


This the new one that matches the aesthetics of the XL model

It doesn't say squat about applicability. However, if you look at this XL picture, the XL certainly has the same power connector as the OG so it will plug in and absolutely SHOULD work, but I'd call/email first just to be safe...and if so, then they should add the same blurb I quoted above about any nano with removable power cord.

Hope this was helpful.
@Fat Freddy Good Question, I have the newer puck Dial, seems to be the same as the one sold with the XL kit.
According to Andy, The Newer Heater Core in the XL has more mass making it more useable at lower temps with enough juice leftover for concentrates, glass balls are not needed.
for those who are concerned with the 110v/220v, Amazon has tons of cheap step down to 110v from 220v converters for Euro users.
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I pussed out before the 30 sec mark

Hmmm....I wonder if I can get to 30 sec. I see a challenge coming on!
@ShayWhiteGrow looks like it hits like a beast lol...

What is the inside heat shield made of? All the others I've seen are stainless.... I notice they show one on their site with the same shield as yours but there are no options to choose stainless or....?
The website pics are incorrect as Andy made some last minute changes, like he does, and we haven't had a moment to redo them. The Limited has gold anodized stainless steel. All others have a reg stainless steel plate. Still effective just a little less flashy.
Gold anodized stainless I'm pretty sure. This amount of weed straight to your face is a wicked ass hit IMHO check it out...

That's it I am taking a XL break!
The website pics are incorrect as Andy made some last minute changes, like he does, and we haven't had a moment to redo them. The Limited has gold anodized stainless steel. All others have a reg stainless steel plate. Still effective just a little less flashy.
Thanks for checking in and clearing that up Nadia... :smile:

That's it I am taking a XL break!
Well deserved I'm sure. :biggrin:
Hey all!

I'm stopping in to announce the XL is back in stock and shipping!

I will have new pics up before the end of the week. I also wanted to mention that the XL has a larger heater and therefore a larger diameter core. This means that the E-Nano "OG" glass won't fit the E-Nano XL. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We are replacing all stems that went out with our first release of the E-Nano XL. All stems will now be adjustable though we do hope to have some all-glass options in the near future. Please DM me for details on how to take advantage of free shipping for any add-on items.
These things look interesting
I missed this thread too
Missed a few things last few months

Looks like a better working log
Haven't used the WS for a while, this looks like it has slightly more power
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What material is that made of? Really nice!
Great question. All I know for sure is it is a stabilized wood. More will be coming soon.

@Magic9 very nice, I like the gold trim, this is prbly one of the more interesting logs I've seen in the wild. I hope A. turns out more of these lookers:clap:
I think it is safe to say more of these type will be produced. There are exciting things on the horizon.

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Hi everyone! We're excited to announce our Memorial Day sale has started!

Use code "MEM22" for 15% off select OG & XL E-Nanos (Standard woods only).

All glass is BOGO.

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