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Exotic E-Nano For Sale

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I guess I just wasn't made for these times.






I have the age-old problem of owning too many vapes and not enough money, so... up for grabs is my E-Nano.

It's a golden amboyna burl purchased secondhand from a log hog and has been gently and only sporadically used, as I purchased it mainly to "round out the log collection." Still works with the same power and consistency and flawlessness that you'd expect from any Nano.

I will also include a matching stem from Ed. It is a two-toned stem with half fiery red amboyna, and half golden.

The wood on the Nano has a couple of natural minor and superficial cracks that have been there since the unit was made. They have not grown at any time during my ownership.

The aluminum core has been ISO'd and is clean as a whistle. The wood has been freshly beeswax'd.

Further included will be the muslin bag, E-pik, power cord, 1 standard glass stem with SS basket screen, 1 all-glass stem, a small tin of Underbutter, as well as a 14mm GonG with basket screen that was made for a Heat Island, but actually only works with an E-Nano.

I can include an 18mm to 14mm glass reducer, if you need one.

This is a beautiful piece, and in a perfect world I would hang on to it, but here we are, so shoot me a PM if you're interested.

You can find plenty of positive feedback on me and the exchange of vapes for compensation on another forum where I used my same moniker. :wink:

$175 OBO

Shipped USPS Priority the next day the Post Office opens, assuming no acts of any of the old or new gods.

Paypal and CONUS only.
SOLD! :newspaper:
Not open for further replies.

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VGoodiez 420EDC