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Tek Explainer - What the Extraction Labs are for

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Greetings all.

I am Herbivore21. Some of you will know of me already, I've had a wonderful time getting to know this community over the years. For those who do not know me, my expertise lies in the sciences, extraction, engineering and technical considerations. The powers that be in this place kindly offered me the opportunity to be a curator of sorts for this site, to help guide users through the complicated and often confusing world of concentrates. I am a professional research scientist and hope to bring my experience to the table to help you guys however possible in relation to my focal topics. I will place reciprocal links to the various parts of the Asylum where I offer assistance as they go live :D

Now that introductions are out of the way, let's get down to what this section is about.

The Extraction Labs is a section set aside for DIY extractions. For many of us, making your own medicine can be therapeutic in its own right. I am honored to be here to share this section with you guys and offer assistance wherever required for your extraction needs.

Whilst I myself tend to only consume solventless concentrates, I cut my teeth learning to make solvent based extractions and honed my skills for years before trying my hand without solvents. I will be offering assistance on all methodologies here.

I am not the only one of course. Many of you have valuable information to contribute, and I encourage each of you to share and join the discussion!

However, first I must be clear on a few very important things relating to extraction:

BE SAFE WITH SOLVENTS. I do not generally encourage the use of hydrocarbon solvents in extraction, if they can be at all avoided. Please consider solventless methods such as rosin or the various hashes. Solvents are flammable. Some of them are very explosive. You should only store or handle these products in approved vessels in safe and approved (according to your local regulator/s) environments. You should only use them in accordance with the relevant MSDS and your local safety regulations.

Please do your homework and consider relevant literature online from relevant authorities in your locale for guides on how to handle various implements and solvents that you might need. Always read the MSDS. Never deviate from these instructions. Please do not extract with solvents in any unlawful or potentially unsafe context. People's lives are precious.

Almost all kinds of extraction can carry some risk. Some are more risky than others. Please be mindful of hot surfaces, risks of crushing injury (rosin), risks or water damage and contamination of starting material, solvents, water, ice and other extractions implements/tools. Practice good hygiene. Clean your tools/screens/implements. We will discuss all of this here and I encourage you to ask any and all questions relating to these topics.

Now that we've covered the important stuff.

The various extraction threads are now live, so please fire away with all questions and comments. If for some reason a new or unmentioned technique has not been addressed in the existing threads - please PM me and we will get it started :D

Links to the threads are as follows:

The Extraction Labs - Dry Sift Thread

The Extraction Labs - Bubble Hash Thread

The Extraction Labs - Solvent Extracts Thread

The Extraction Labs - Rosin Tek Thread

I look forward to shooting the shit with all of you about my favorite topics as this community gets started. Keep an eye out for me in my other haunts and also just floating around the forums.


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